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Updated 10/11/13

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AREX: Arabidopsis Gene Expression Database

Arrowsmith: Linking documents, disciplines, investigators and databases


BindingDB: Measured binding affinities for biomolecules and synthetic compounds

BioCyc Database Collection: Pathway/genome databases

Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

BioModels Database: Mathematical models of biological interest

Biosystems Database: Pathways or diseases that interact in a biological system

BioToolKit: Online molecular biology and neuroinformatics resources

Biozon: Holdings of disparate molecular biology databases for ease of searching


Cancer Immunome Database: Antigens from abnormal cells

Carcinogen Potency Database

CarpeDB: Genes linked to epilepsy

Cell Centered Database: Cellular imaging data

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Comparative Toxigenomics Database: Interactions between chemicals and genes

Consensus CDS Database: Core set of human protein coding regions

COSMIC: Noninherited cancer mutations

Countway Library of Medicine BioResearch

CREB Target Gene Database

Crystallography Open Database: Searchable crystal structure database

Cytochrome P450 Database


Databases on Medicine and Molecular Biology

dbMHC: Major Histocompatibility Complex database

DOLOP: A Database of Bacterial Lipoproteins

DrugBank: Combines drug and data with drug target information


Elemental Data Index: NIST Physics Laboratory online data

Entrez, The Life Sciences Search Engine (search across databases)


GEISHA: A chicken embryo gene expression database

GeMCRIS: Genetic Modification Clinical Research Information System


GeneCards: Database of human genes

GeneTests: Laboratory and clinic directories; educational resources

Genetics Home Reference: Consumer information

GeneXPress: Parsing microarray data

Genetic Association Database: Human genetic associations

GermOnline: Microarray data

Germplasm Resources Information Network: Germplasm resources

GOLD: Genomes OnLine Database: Complete and ongoing genome projects

GPCRDB: Information System for G Protein-coupled Receptors


HuGE Navigator: Integrated, searchable knowledge base of genetic associations and human genome epidemiology

Human Gene Mutation Database


Lipid Bank

LIPID MAPS: Lipid Metabolites and Pathways Strategy


MedlinePlus: Consumer information

MEROPS: Peptidase database Database of Macromolecular Movements

Mouse Genome Informatics from the Jackson Laboratory

Mouse Phenome Database: Phenotypic and genotypic data for the laboratory mouse

Mouse Proteome Project


Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

OrphaNet: Rare diseases

Ovarian Kaleidoscope Database: Genes expressed in the ovary


Patents search (USPTO) 

PenBase: Penaeidin Database 

PhenomicDB: Phenotype-genotype database

PhosphoSite: In vivo phosphorylation sites

Plasma Proteome Database

PRIDE: PRoteomics IDEntification database

ProteinDBS: Protein DataBase Search Engine

PubChem: Chemical structures of small organic molecules

PubMed: Medline, the world's largest biomedical literature database


RNAi Database: RNA interference studies 


ScienceWatch: Tracking trends and performance in basic research

snoRNA-LBME-db: Small nucleolar RNA

Stanford Microarray Database

Stem Cells Portal: Sharing information about human embryonic stem cells (registration required)


Textpresso: An information retrieval and extraction system for biological literature

T1DBase: Genes implicated in Type 1 Diabetes

Toxic Substances Portal: From the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Transterm: RNA sequences and associated motifs


 ViPR: Virus Pathogen Resource


ZINC: Database of small molecules